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It is time to tell our story. A story that made us change our business model and offer two top class courses for FREE! 

The moment you wished you could train as a coach for FREE has arrived!

Our Academy, founded in 2011,
is taking the world of coach education by storm. Join us by choosing your FREE course.
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Executive Coaching Skills combined with UN Principles

A one of a kind course that teaches you the executive coaching tools while preparing you to use these with the United Nations 2030 Agenda in mind. Time for a new career twist for executive coaches! 
Oh, and we call this course EXECS for short! 
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Elementary Coaching Skills with a
Lemon Twist

Life coach, relationship coach, business coach, start-up coach, style coach, teenage coach, branding coach... The list of niches goes on and on! But we got you covered! Learn the basics and "get coaching" before you deep dive into you chosen niche!
Oh, and we call this course ELEMS for short!

Become a professional coach

Coaching is not for the faint of heart. And coaches need to rise above circumstances to be able to coach others. We are proud to have some brilliant minds and true coaching talent attending our courses. Are you ready to be one of them?
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Do You Need A Certification? 

Becoming a professional coach requires knowledge and knowledge needs to be assessed. So, we have decided to give you the opportunity to have it verified and stamped!


  • 3 Observed Group Coaching Sessions
  • Practicum with volunteers
  • 3 Individual Mentor Coaching sessions
  • Field Assignment
  • Final Knowledge Assessment
  • Performance Evaluation (30'-40' real recorded session)

How the Certification works

With this process we aim to keep the standards of coaching high and in alignment with the major coaching bodies, including the International Coach Federation (ICF) and the Global Mentoring & Coaching Council (EMCC). All above requirements follow the stipulations presented by those official bodies. Competence Assessment Modules are performance-based, fair and just.

To attend the CAMs for each of your chosen FREE course, you will need to successfully complete the course and gather the necessary credit points.

We offer opportunities for scholarships, sponsored applications and discounts for those who wish to be certified in more than one of our FREE courses.

Academy 3.0 is launching. Here is a sneak peek of what is to come...

What is new in coaching? Are the basics enough? Get synced with latest trends that our Academy creates.
We are here to introduce social engineering and the Sherlock Holmes questioning framework to our courses.

New courses include Neuropsychology for Professionals & Coaches and the 2030 Agenda Coach™ which aligns with the United Nations' SDGs

Coaching Evolution Int'l Academy is making a comeback! We are really excited with everything that we have prepared for you!
Pamela Caravas
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Would you like to win one of our 30 Scholarships to excel in the professional field of coaching?
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Getting FREE coach training from one of the top course providers is the opportunity of a lifetime.
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Do You Want to Get Your Money Back?

This fee is deductible if you go ahead with your certification (yay!).

It is 100% if you complete both Competence Assessment (Certification) Modules and 50% deductible if you complete one Competence Assessment Module.
The Competence Assessment Modules are offered with a PILOT discount. The deductible fees are applied on the discounted prices.


What our clients have to say about us

Jan Versteeg

Former Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands to Greece and the co-founder of Orange Grove.
An enlightening and fresh perspective to reflect on personal development and leadership.

Sandrine Sabatier Hvidkjaer

Global HR & People Development, UNDP

Thank you Pamela for the challenging and rewarding journey you guided me through with your support and tailored coaching approach- it was a unique learning opportunity.

Neil Cerbone Associates

Strategic Management Consulting Firm
greater new york area
Pamela Caravas has been a Senior Coach in support of our clients in Greece and Northern Africa since 2009. She is a valued member of our team and we hope you will enjoy the experience and professionalism that Pamela provides in all her endeavors.

Anthi Psomiadou

Author, Blogger, Life Coach
The coach training with Pamela was filled with exchanges of views, interesting items of information, meeting other people that share similar views and concerns and who seek ways to help themselves and others to deal with the troubles posed by every-day life. I solemnly and explicitly declare my excitement and my belief that this course has been worth the time (2.5 years) and energy I spent to attend it!

Victor M. Guizar

Program Officer, Regional Bureau for Latin America and the Caribbean, World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO)
I had the pleasure to meet Pamela in the UN Emerging Leaders Experience which took place in Turin, Italy, from March 12-15, 2019.   As a coach, Pamela has a unique ability to look and analyze the human behavior from a unique perspective.  

Her brilliant style sets her apart from conventional models of coaching. Pamela provides valuable insights, guidance and practical tools to develop leadership potentials in both personal and professional contexts.   Thank you, Pamela!

George Pyrounakis

Business owner, OneTwoSix Hardcore Clothing. Operations Manager

Pamela has a unique approach to negotiations. When she negotiates, you can hardly tell she is doing so and that is her competitive advantage. Under her guidance, I managed to raise my turnover by 30% when dealing merch on tours - among other great outcomes. 

I have now added to my business portfolio by becoming a tour manager in Berlin for a number of bands and the Operations Manager for Coaching Evolution Int'l.

Vivi Tsouknida

Former Country Division Lead H Im/Cp At Siemens A.E. Healthcare
We met through our corporate contract and from the first sessions we had, I realized that in certain cases I was able to see people and conditions around me, but only behind a blurred glass.  

You were there, the one who helped me clear the glass, understand and accept how others see myself, no matter what I know about myself and skills. Understanding others is a basic step towards better communication, but understanding ourselves comes as a prerequisite to that.

This is the right time to express not only my warmest thanks, but also the fact that I really admire you. Don’t wonder why…
You are one among the few people I met so far, who has the talent to build a feeling of trust out of nothing, in a relationship that did not exist the day before. Trust is a magic feeling which makes things easier, more effective processes, more optimal results to our efforts. Imagine the word without trust: no family bonds, no real friendships, no strong relationships, no corporate morality, no ethnic sense.

Pamela you have the ability to build feelings of trust, and this acts as a canvas on which the coachee starts to paint with the colors he has in his palette: emotional intelligence, sensitivity, perception ability, life experiences, feelings of love and understanding for others, etc.
Today I honestly feel richer because I had the luck to work with you on my personal development.
Thank you.
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Neuropsychology for Professionals:

The coaching industry needs a lift. A lift in credibility to ensure that we, as coaches, make it in this difficult business.
  • 27 Highly engaging units (part I & Part II)
  • 6 Unique Learning Paths with unique material
  • Self-paced learning 
  • Assignments
  • Amazing support with reminders & Live Chat
Part I of this course is yours for FREE is you decide to become a certified coach with Coaching Evolution Int'l Academy.
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Why is Neuropsychology for Professionals obligatory?

The Art of Science

You need academic knowledge to become a real professional.

Develop your skills

Neuropsychology provides knowledge that can be turned into amazing tools for coaching.

Read. Watch. Learn.

Boost your confidence, master "the field". Our Academy believes in elevating the standards.

Don't miss out on this opportunity!

Get ahead of the game! We can repeat it enough! Become an executive coach while at the same time you learn the ropes of what it takes to become a
  • life coach
  • relationship coach
  • business coach
  • style coach
  • family coach
  • startup coach

The list of niches can go on and on! 
Join us on this learning adventure by getting both FREE courses for an admin fee of $300 and finish within 8 months.
* You can get the second course entirely for free if you successfully complete one full course series (Knowledge-based modules +Competence assessment Modules)
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Coach Training from Beginner to Advanced

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Elementary Coaching Skills: Spartan Level

Know your skills, coach with confidence, make waves, enhance your client's talents
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Master in Enhancement: Human Hacker Coach Level

Elevate your coaching game to incredible heights

Frequently asked questions

What type of camera do I need to have?

Courses are directed at Digital SLR camera owners, but the principles explained apply to every camera, from the humblest pinhole to the most sophisticated DSLR.

Can the E-Books Be Read on XXX (insert favourite E-Reader here)?

We’re yet to test all E-Books on every application and E-Reader but they are PDF documents that should be able to be read on many of them. We have optimized it for Adobe Reader (free) and therefore recommend that as the best application to use

What Other Payment Options Do You Have?

At this stage the only payment options we have are as you see them on the sales page. Our payment system is via PayPal who do process credit cards. i know that they don’t accept payments from every country or every type of credit card but at this stage the system we have is the only method and we’re unable to accept cheques, cash, direct debits etc.

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